Hurja Piruetti’s art education project is blooming in Raseborg in May! Due to the pandemic, the traditional spring festival at the local theatre had to be cancelled the second year in a row, and the yearning back to the stage is strong for all those working with performance. This spring we will be blooming all around Raseborg as projects and happenings flow out of the studios and come to light.

Hurja Piruetti’s spring festival “Florere Florere” takes place from 10th May - 23rd May 2021. This year, the festival takes on a new form: Hurja Piruetti’s dancers of all ages will realise, produce, perform and immerse themselves in dance and circus projects of various kinds, which will be - and already have been - seen and heard all around Raseborg. During the upcoming two weeks, watch creativity bloom as groups perform finalised pieces, extracts of projects, and demos of ongoing processes on our website and social media channels. Join us in enjoying the blossoming - let a thousand flowers bloom!

Course: CREATE - a project

Age group: 13+, advanced

Course content: 60h Basic Education in Arts study credits (TPO opinnot)

This project is led by dance artist and MA in Dance Pedagogy student Reettaleena Rauhala. The project explores creating movement in the moment as improvisation/freestyle, and as predetermined choreography. The idea is that the group together with the facilitator works toward creating an art work of some kind (the format may range from a dance performance to a photography exhibition – only imagination is the limit!). The first demo of the work will take place in December, and the second in April.

The project happens in a workshop format, spread over 14 meetings on Fridays and Saturdays during the season 2021/2022 (Note: rehearsals once or twice a month, see detailed schedule below). The project accrues 60h Basic Education in Arts study credits (TPO opinnot).


Aim of the project is to provide and help discover tools for creating movement, thus tapping into own creative energy. Via this exploration, the participants may continue finding and redefining their own movement language, and gain confidence in their capabilities, skills and vision. The project also makes space for collective art making, giving an opportunity to rehearse group work, collective decision making, and interaction in general.

Rehearsal plan: 

Fri 20.8. 18-21

Sat 11.9. 10-15

Sat 9.10. 10-15

Sat 20.11. 10-15

Fri 26.11. 18-21

Fri 3.12. 18-21

(Christmas showcase)

Sat 11.12 10-15

Sat 8.1. 10-15

Fri 21.1. 18-21

Fri 18.2. 18-21

Sat 5.3. 10-15

Fri 18.3. 18-21

Sat 2.4. 10-15

(Spring festival)

Fri 6.5. 18-21

Next week 29.3-1.4 the dance and circus teaching will continue according to previous instructions. Born in 2008 or later may participate in local education as usual. Older students participate at a distance according to previously specified instructions. Zoom-links are still valid.

According to the new guidelines, students over the age of 12 in Hurja Piruet will switch to distance learning from March 8, 2021 (for 3 weeks from March 8 to 28, 2021). All exercises for children under the age of 12 normally continue as face-to-face instruction in their own offices according to the reading schedule.

Distance learning lessons are held in chronological order. A few lessons of the same species and level will be combined, but we will notify the parties separately and send participation links to the lessons. In distance education, studies in basic art education normally accumulate. Attendance is checked at the beginning of the class.

Next week, from 1 to 7 March 2021, the hours will normally be in chronological order. Let's do the next three weeks together by practicing and acting. It is hoped that we will soon be able to return to contact teaching with all those over 12 years of age as well.



Teachers of the Fierce Pirouette

Hurja Winterholiday

Hurja Piruetti's dance, circus and acrobatics classes are also held during the winter holidays (week 8, February 22-28, 2021) according to the schedule and at their own offices. Excluding school projects. So far, we have only started the Kiila and Billnäs school projects and they will continue in week 9. In addition, a few groups from Ekenäs will train on a slightly modified schedule, but we will announce these via SMS.

Please note that if your spring invoices have not been paid by the due date, you will need a new activated payment link. It should be requested separately laskutusThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Unpaid bills go directly to Lowell's alert service.

Welcome to a party on a ski holiday too!

Our dance, circus, acrobatics and other groups will start at various offices in the Raseborg area from February 1, 2021 and according to the schedule.

The large groups are divided into smaller ones and we will send the change schedules to the parties by Sunday, January 31, 2021. You can also attend our classes remotely. Please notify your own teacher of your distance lesson request no later than two days in advance.

The spring season starts with the same instructions as the autumn season. So we have already practiced and found these good. Let's continue with the same pattern!

Wash your hands as soon as you reach the exercises and after an hour
Face mask recommendation from 12 years
For parents who bring and pick up their children from exercises, we recommend using a face mask
They stay home sick and also mildly symptomatic
The request for a distance lesson will be notified to your teacher about 2 days in advance
There are also new groups in the order. Come along and start a new groups or add practice sessions at


Let's enjoy dancing, movement and circus! Happy start to the spring season!