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ABC’d stands for Art education Between Cultures - Dance. This project is a chance for young dancers from different cultures to meet one another in the context of dance. For the first part of the project, we are looking for solo dancers. There are no requirements for the dance style, and we encourage everyone to apply regardless of their preferred dance style or background. The second part of the project combines the solos into duets, as the Finnish and Sri Lankan young people get to explore dance together on the digital platforms.

The organiser, Hurja Piruetti Western Uusimaa Dance Institute, is a dance school operating in the Raseborg area in Finland. Partnership between Finland and Sri Lanka Youth dance scene started in the beginning of 2020, when we had the pleasure of hosting four exchange students from Sri Lanka here in Finland as part of a collaboration between Derana TV and Hurja Piruetti. Sathis Hettithantri along with the school’s principal Katja Köngäs piloted this very successful first run of the exchange programme.


Callout to Sri Lankan dancers!

#1 For the first part of the project, we are looking for solo dancers  Deadline: 01.11.2020

#2 In the second part Hurja Piruetti is on the lookout for duet partners for three (3) of our dancers, and thanks to the pre-existing collaboration between Hurja Piruetti and Sri Lanka, we have decided to go digital and to extend the callout to Sri Lankan dancers! Deadline: 15.11.2020

#3 Duets will be finished and premiered in December 2020

You can start submitting your videos on 05.10.2020!

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